Best GSA Search Engine Ranker Verified Link List Service In The Market - [2021 Review]

If you are a GSA Search Engine Ranker user, you should always keep a good list service in hand. Using a premium list can be somewhat confusing because many list servicers sell their service to hundreds of GSA Search Engine Ranker users. But also, choosing a great premium verified list service could also become a lifesaver.

We all had a tough 2020, and it’s 2021 now, and this is everything you need to know about the premium lists that you can use on GSA Search Engine Ranker.

We did the major research on pretty much all the popular list sellers out there, and guess what? We found 9 GSA Search Engine Ranker list sellers. So we gave all of them a try. Yes, All the GSA SER Verified Lists sellers out there are right here with reviews!

Best Premium Verified Lists

SER Power Lists 

ser power lists

Quality is essential when it comes to top tier campaigns with GSA SER. Above all, it is important to purchase a quality list service even we create backlinks for a tier 3 campaign. SER Power Lists provide over 95000 high-quality targets every day that allows your setup to bring massive LPM and VPM.

I purchased this service on this black Friday and was able to pay a visit to the member's area instantly. They allow you to download GSA ser link lists directly from the member's area, but it’s not recommended for any GSA SER user. So I requested live sync access and got it just in a few hours. I ran a few campaigns, and I was really impressed with the LPM that I got at the beginning. I thought it would go down in a few minutes but guess what? It didn’t!!!!! If you ask me if there’s anything bad to say about SER Power Lists, I would say none because this is the best GSA SER link list service anyone could get these days.

SER Verified Lists


SER Verified Lists have been in the industry for seven years, and I have been a long term user of this service. This service has been the only consistent list provider in the market that provides high quality verified targets until this day. I was impressed to see that their quality of the link lists always has been top-notch until this day.

The unique feature that I find with SER Verified Link lists is their filtering matrics. They sort targets that have higher MOZ PA/DA ratios. Their real-time syncing system also removes targets that have been saturated with time. So basically, if you use any of their targets, it will be gone in just a few minutes. You will be the only one who may use it. So that’s indeed a unique feature that these guys provide.

I think this is the most newbie-friendly verified list service because their member’s area is filled with many useful guides. They come with a separate support team known as VKP1988; they also have so much useful documentation that can help any GSA SER user to improve the quality of their campaigns.

Plus they are one of leading link lists provider in the market.




get ser links


This was quite a unique experience. I recently saw this service with a headline of ‘the newest list service in town’, so I thought of giving it a try. I was impressed to see there were just very few members in the backyard, and first, I was worried that it’s a scam or something. But it still looked promising. I gave it a go anyway, and guess what, the quality of their targets are unbelievable!

It could be because the service is still new and there’s only a very few members who use this service at this moment. So there is a very less probability of targets getting saturated. I also noticed that backlinks are being placed in high-quality websites and somehow, they manage to live longer!

This service also scrapes and filters in a unique manner. All the targets are filtered accordingly with Majestic TF and CF, which makes it ideal for Tier 1 campaigns.

Links Plug


Buy gsa ser identified link list


Though this article is about GSA SER verified link lists, we thought of adding one of the unique identifier list services that are in the market. Sometimes, buying a read-made verified list service does not solve all the problems that you come across. Sometimes it’s best to create your own list by verifying them according to your needs. In such cases, our best recommendation is Links Plug. They provide over 20 million identified URLs to your member’s area, and you can pretty much create any verified list service with it without any trouble. It may consume some time than directly using a verified list service. But highly recommended for anyone who is trying to create a custom made verified list service.




SERocket has a great way to provide high-quality targets to their members. Even though they share less information about how they scrape and filter their targets, it allows users to gain a higher LPM with their life syncing system. Their membership also comes with best practice guides like SER Verified Lists.

Their lists are great, but they have a lot of users who use these targets. So you might notice that your backlinks may live long where they're placed. But highly recommended for churn and burn campaigns.

If you are doubtful about this service, have thought before purchasing because they do not offer any refunds like other most GSA SER link list services.


This is also a new list service but not quite new as SER Links. This is a highly active service when it comes to pre-sale support. Even though they don’t have any agents live to have a quick chat like SER Verified Lists, they do send quick replies on forums and threads.

However, I noticed their lists are not being updated on a daily basis. So I had to drop them a message and make it work a few times. But then again, the targets are unique, and I haven’t noticed any duplicates until now. It doesn’t come with a real-time syne and you will only be receiving targets once or twice a day.

Loopline’s auto approve Marketplace



If you are a Scrapebox user, you should already know about Loopline because his tutorials are all over the internet! When it comes to his verified targets, he gives high-quality targets for users, but I would give 4 out of 10 for the quality. The owner is a nice guy, and you will get a decent amount of targets every day. But sometimes they run into issues, and you may not receive targets for a few days.

Plus main disadvantage is due to his popularity links going to worthless by hundreds of link blasters. This is the main reason i would give him negative feed back is same link data base repeating.

Asia Virtual Solutions

Asia Virtual Solutions is an all in one service provider. They provide many services related to GSA Search Engine Ranker, and you can purchase pretty much anything you need that is related to GSA Search Engine Ranker. Speaking of their GSA SER link lists, they provide a decent amount of targets per month, but their quality is about average. As they are all in one service provider, they are not professional list providers. If you need a list, just get the job done; this would be ideal. But if you are looking for a service to get quality targets, you might want to skip this service.


Quality of the link list is very important when it comes to GSA Search Engine Ranker campaigns. So we have tested all the list services that are out there and listed them according to the quality of their service. When it comes to GSA SER verified link lists, the best overall are SER Power Lists and SER Verified Lists. SER Links is also great as there are only a few members in the member’s area. But cannot assure anything as they are only new to the market.

If you are looking for an identified list servicer, hands down, you got to check out Links Plug. It’s the best-identified list service that you can choose to this date.